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The blurry dialogue between “nature” and the artifice has always been at the core of my design interest; I collect the evidence

of human world-making peculiarities and transform it into authentic narratives,

both present and fictional.

Gundega's work has been exhibited in numerous exhibitions in museums across Europe, such as the Museum of World Cultures in Amsterdam, VanAbbe Museum, Milan Salone del Mobile, and most recently CentroCentro in Madrid. She also curates themed exhibitions at Yksi Expo in Eindhoven and de Heuvel Gallerie, highlighting the work of young creatives and design school graduates.


+371 27197127

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2022   Tomorrow's Materials | Brightlands Chemelot Campus / Geleen, NL

             Plastic Crush | Tropenmuseum / Amsterdam, NL

             Dulce Agua - Ideas for a future of scarcity | CentroCentro / Madrid, ES

             Young Talents | Yksi Expo / Eindhoven, NL

2021    Geo Design - Budget Airlines | Van Abbe Museum / Eindhoven, NL

             Missed Your Call - DAE Graduation Show | Milan Salone del Mobile / Milan, IT

             Romanian Design Week | Combinatul Fondului Plastic / Bucharest, RO

             Art & New Materials : Design for a Better Future | Museum De Domijnen / Sittard, NL

2020   Rethinking Plastic | Yksi Expo / Eindhoven, NL

             DAE Graduation Show | Dutch Design Week / Online event

             Rossana Orlandi Guiltless Plastic Prize | Museo Scienza e Tecnologia  Leonardo da Vinci | Milano Design City / Milan, IT

2019    Benji Knewman x Nike Design Challenge | Zuzeum Art Centre / Riga, LV

             Reframing Textiles | Textile Museum Tilburg / Tilburg, NL

2018    A Glimpse Of Riga | Quartair Contemporary Art Initiatives / Den Haag, NL

             Manifestations | Dutch Design Week / Eindhoven, NL

             Biomimicry | Sigulda Castle Complex / Sigulda, LV

             Frankenstein, I Think Therefore I Am | Museum TwentseWelle / Enschede, NL

2016    Where Are My Flip-Flops? | Solo exhibition / Riga, LV

Work experience

2022   Envisions Agency | Design Research, exhibition production (In de Volle Grond @DDW) / Eindhoven, NL

            The New Coastline | Collaboration with Rubén Dario Kleimeer / Rotterdam, NL

            Tributes To Craftocene | Exhibition curating for Yksi Expo / Eindhoven, NL

2021   The New Fashion | Exhibition curating at De Heuvel Gallerie / Eindhoven, NL

            Made in Eindhoven | Exhibition curating at De Heuvel Gallerie / Eindhoven, NL

            Coaching student projects from MBO educational institution Koning Willem 1 College

            Dutch Invertuals | Design Research & curating / Eindhoven, NL

            Yksi Expo | Exhibition planning & curating / Eindhoven, NL

2020  Sophie Rowley |  Intern / Berlin, DE

2019   Benji Knewman | Visual Content / Riga, LV 

2016   Ivars Drulle | Sculptor assistant / Riga, LV

2014-16    Karlis Alainis (SIA 'Aveido') | Sculptor assistant / Riga, LV

2015   Aigars Bikse | Sculptor assistant / Jaunpils, LV

2015-now   freelance collage artist on various commissions


2016-2020       Design Academy Eindhoven | Bachelor of Arts and Design (BA)

2018 August   International Summer School of Design (MAD)

2012-2016        Riga School of Art and Design (RDMV) / Specialty in the field of sculpture and design

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