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The New Coastline


with Rubén Dario Kleimeer, supported by Stimuleringsfonds

In the year 2100 the sea level will rise 1 meter or more. ‘The new coastline’ at 0 NAP, cuts through both rural and urban areas through provinces like Zeeland, Noord Brabant, Utrecht, Gelderland and Groningen, and more. Landscape photographer Rubén Dario Kleimeer and designer Gundega Strauberga have been translating scientific data into photos, maps, graphs and timelines. The duo has been portraying specific locations in the Netherlands in order to observe how these changes will influence the future of the Dutch landscape. The rising of the sea levels will doubtlessly change the face of the current Dutch landscape and shift the proportions between urban and nature areas. The photographs are inspecting the use of hybrid, appropriated spaces. They are confronting the viewer with the degree of exposure or, on the contrary, the non-visibility of water rise, at times also the denial and rejection of change, ignorance and short-sightedness. Can we give room for non-human species and natural phenomena to take place, and to what degree? The project is a study of man’s constructive reality versus nature’s destructive instability. We are looking at the landscape as a metaphor, a prediction and a provocation.

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