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Poor Man's Bible


virtual Dutch Design Week 2020


Illustration by Roberts Rūrāns
Technical support by Dirk Vissers
Workspace of neighbors Clara and Dirk

A reference to stained glass windows in churches that illustrate narratives from the Bible for an originally illiterate audience, ‘Poor Man’s Bible’ is a series of stained glass panels that look at humans’ relation to nature from a biblical perspective. Raised in a Christian community, Gundega Strauberga wonders whether we haven’t stretched the biblical instruction too far: that man should fill the earth, subdue it and rule over every living creature that crawls upon it. Based on illustrations by Latvian illustrator Roberts Rūrāns, the panels show on one side a man working the earth under a fruit-bearing tree. On the second panel, an explosion of smog fills the image with man on top of the world.

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