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Franky Supermarket


A collaboration with Manon Marguerite Meyer, Franky Tongues installation is a part of the Franky Supermarket exhibition, curated by Eibert Draisma


Rijksmuseum Twenthe, De Museumfabriek 2017, Manifestations @Dutch Design Week 2018

The year 2018 was the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein, the influential gothic novel by Mary Shelley. As a modern tribute, a contemporary interpretation of this legendary lab-made monster was created for an exhibition at Museum TwentseWelle. The novel continues to capture our imaginations today. Its themes are more relevant than ever as we enter an era defined by emerging AI, biotechnology and the ethical debates arising from their growing use. No work of literature has done more to shape the way people imagine science and its moral consequences than Frankenstein. It all boils down to our ongoing quest to create better versions of ourselves. Where is society and technology headed and should we be afraid? Or can biohacking bring our salvation? And what happens to our idea of humanity when you start messing with the body? This supermarket raises powerful questions that need to be asked. For this is a store like no other: a glimpse of a possible future with a nod to the horror of Shelley’s original.

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