Concept - storytelling / chocolate moulds / branding / packaging
Sugarfree, vegan chocolate provided by © Helsesol

A souvenir from Latvia - a chocolate bar in 3 different flavours, produced by Helsesol - a company that makes raw, sugarless, healthy sweets. Project included creating a chocolate for production from scratch - challenging the traditional shape of a chocolate bar, creating brand identity and packaging by designing a sweet with a symbolic story of Latvian culture behind.


Bread is known as the cornerstone of Latvian food and many traditions. Spriditis is a literal character from a fairy tale written by Anna Brigadere. Representing a boy who left home to explore the world in search of happiness and luck, he is an archetype for many. The chocolate has been made as a symbolic souvenir for Latvians who flee the country in search of their destiny, and a reminder that home always awaits.

The chocolates were made shortly before my departure to the Netherlands, in collaboration with my mother, the founder of © Helsesol who is living and working in Norway, and dedicated to my father who's been living in Vienna for almost a decade.