Sallie Gardner Wheel

Gundega Strauberga
Pien ten Napel

Sallie Gardner at a Gallop, also known as The Horse in Motion, is a series of photographs consisting of a galloping horse, the result of a photographic experiment by Eadweard Muybridge on June 15, 1878. Sometimes cited as an early silent film, the series and later experiments like it were precursors to the development of motion pictures. The series consists of 24 photographs shot in rapid succession that were shown on a zoopraxiscope. As a tribute to these iconic photo series that took such a large part in the history of film, Sallie Gardner Wheel celebrates it's 140th birthday in 2019. A zoopraxiscope, enlarged, and turned vertically, becomes a head-spinning movie theatre, however, the screenings must be earned by running inside it like a guinea pig.

No worries, there's popcorn too.