trash mycelium

Project as an outcome of Design Research Lab
in collaboration with Officina Corpuscoli / 2018

In a world where trash piles up so fast not only on an industrial but on a domestic scale as well, we must take bigger responsibility for it and make use of it. The inhabitant of the future house throws nothing away. Waste in the future house is a valuable commodity, and your trashcan - a factory for new products. Every trashcan comes with a culture of fungi. You use the trashcan in the traditional way - discard the waste into the bin. Your organic waste serves as fibers for the mycelium. The fungi will colonize the trash, and you will have fully-grown products within a couple of weeks. With Trash Mycelium everyone has the potential to become an effortless manufacturer within their homes. The idea is represented by mockup-models of possible trashbins, a manual of how and why to use them, and a starter-kit.
The Trash Mycelium project has been taking part in the Mycelium Design Research Space organized by Officina Corpuscoli. A small team of enthusiasts was established in order to push the boundaries of the applicable use of this material, to question the limitations, explore, experiment, and grow!